Bluestack Installation Failed MSI Log File Error

Monday, February 17, 2014
Solved: Bluestack Installation Failed MSI Log File ErrorToday I download bluestack .msi file for offline install bluestack in my PC and Bluestack installationfailed. There are unusual error occurs during bluestack set up. The Error says,
“Hmm… it seems Bluestack App Player couldn’t be install on this computer. We’d love to fix the problem – can you help us? Search your Computer for the file:
and email it to us at Thanks!”
bluestack installation failed
This problem occurs in Bluestack App Player offline Setup. After complete download, I’m trying to install the Bluestack App Player on my computer but the above problem arises again and again.
So after using many tricks and hard work finally I found the solution for this problem. There are problem withDigital Signatures, your PC don’t find Bluestack digital signatures. So you need to install bluestack certificate manually. So follow simple step to install Bluestack certificate manually.

How To FIX: Bluestack Couldn’t Be Install MSI Log File Error

Step 1:

First find your Offline Bluestack App Player setup file (. MSI).

Step 2:

Right click on Bluestack .MSI setup and click Properties.

Step 3:

Go to Compatibility Tab and mark on “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and Click Apply.
Compatibility settings

Step 4:

Now Click Digital Signatures tab.

Step 5:

Click Details and then Click View Certificate.

digital signatures tab

Step 6:

In Certificate dialog box, now Click Install Certificate.
bluestack certificate

Step 7:

In Certificate Import Wizard, Mark on Current User and Click Next.
certificate import wizard

Step 8:

Now Mark on Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate and ClickNext.
automatically select certificate store

Step 9:

Now Click Finish. That’s it you will see “The import was successful.” dialog box.
automatically select certificate store
the import was successful

Step 10:

Now Click OK and On Bluestack Properties Click Apply and then Click Ok. That’s it now try to install Bluestack App Player.


If this post really solve your problem then, please follow me:

Bluestack App Player is the best software to run Android apps on PC. If you same problem as above then this above steps are helping you to get out of this problem and you can install Bluestack without any errors. If you have any questions regarding to this error then please comment below. I like to solve your problems.

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